Alumi-signs TM


Alumi-signs TM was first established in 2020. We created this brand as a vehicle to provide high-quality aluminium Point of Sale (POS) display solutions. Our aim is to ensure all our customers are provided with the highest quality products and services. Alumi-signs offer a range of aluminum display solutions from Snap Frames, Poster Cases, A-boards, and much more.

The importance of sustainability is more important than ever with the current climate. Due to this, our aim is to support the goal of improving our sustainability through Alumi-signs. This is because aluminium is the world’s most environmentally friendly metal and 100% recyclable. With Alumi-signs we will drive forward what we believe is the future of our industry to contribute to making the world a better place.

At Signware Systems we have over 25 years of industry experience from our professionals. Specialising in shopfitting, flooring solutions, and POS displays. We provide original and contemporary retail solutions for our clients to where we are the first point of contact for their needs. With a wealth of experience and imagination, Alumi-signs is the latest development in our evolving industry.  

Our factories in Asia manufacture and supply exceptional products while working directly with you our customers to ensure all needs are met to the highest standard.