Heel Support Clips

£16.50 ex. Vat

Sold in packs of 10




Heel Support Clips

Our Heel Support Clips are made exclusively from recycled clear acrylic. Another name for this clip is known as a boot filler or an acrylic shoe clip and is specifically designed with the retailer in mind and has been tried and tested to ensure durability and ease of use. The acrylic clip is ideal for use in any retail environment.

The acrylic shoe clips are ideal to promote branding or the inner lining of shoes. In addition, these clips display props will transform your footwear display, thus creating a smart way to display and promote the shoe range and making the most of valuable retail display space.

Heel support clips are ideal for window displays, shops, and counter displays. The boot fillers can hold many men’s and women’s shoes up in an upright position. The heel clip is made from 3mm thick clear recycled acrylic and sold in packs of 10.

High-quality and transparent heel support clips look clean and attractive. Durable for long-term usage and are lightweight, shatterproof and easy to maintain. Furthermore, the heel clip creates an effective retail display in-store and is a part of your eye-catching window display.

Key Features

  • 3mm thick clear recycled acrylic heel clip
  • Sold in packs of 10
  • Lightweight, durable, low cost and re-usable heel support clip
  • Holds shoes in an upright position

Various acrylic merchandising display items are available from shoe step display, slatwall shoe shelf, sandal filler, branding blocks and shoe stands along with brilliant and clever clips. Please visit our Shoe Accessories page for further details.



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