Portable Leaflet Display Stand

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Key Features:

  • Fast and effective promotional stand for product promotions
  • Sturdy aluminium frame and flat base
  • Easy to set up and collapse making it ideal for travelling
  • Double-sided with 6 portrait acrylic shelves
  • Sturdy aluminium frame and flat base
  • Provided with a silver, aluminium case

Price is £69.99



Portable Leaflet Display Stand Alumi-signs

What is the Leaflet Display Stand? 

The portable leaflet display stand is a folding brochure stand, which is versatile and offers you great flexibility. It is also a great display stand that gives you the freedom to use it in multiple locations. The modern design is stylish and eye-catching which also makes it a great asset to enhance your marketing.

Where can you use the Leaflet Display Stand?

This folding brochure stand is perfect for events, trade shows, conferences, etc. If you need a stand that can be used in multiple locations then this stand is ideal. The stand is also easy to use, it is strong and secure with its secure locking systems to keep the stand upright and a flat base to keep it stable. This stand offers you great adaptability making it a great point of sale marketing tool to support your marketing efforts.

What options are available? 

This stand comes in silver. This product comes with our elegant, aluminium case, so you can easily pack away the brochure stand and carry it wherever you go! This stand is also simple to use, it works by lifting the stand up and after, you simply fold it down. Additionally, it comes with six shelves and it is easy to assemble, simply pop up for instant display. It can also be folded down with ease and also includes an aluminium case, making this lightweight weight unit easy to transport and store.

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If you are looking for alternatives we provide a wide range of other Brochure Stands.

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