ReelEZ Open Beam Adapter


The ReelEZ Open Beam adapter offers the flexibility of using square or round bars for ceiling sign suspension. This ceiling adapter enables you to hang signs from higher ceilings. This is suitable for non T-bar ceilings and allows for signage display from pipes or open ceiling beams. The ceiling adaptor attaches to the bars creating a base for the Reel EZ unit to attach to the clamp on the adaptor.

The Reel EZ display system is easy to install and you can change signage easily without the aid of a ladder. As this is a ladderless hanging system, anyone using the Reel EZ display system will feel more secure. The Reel EZ unit comes pre-assembled with hanging hooks and self-levelling bar. The telescopic Reel EZ pole aids the sign hanging process by making it easier to change the graphics.

How to use the ReelEZ Ceiling Adapter (open beam):

  1. Clip the hook part of the ceiling adapter over the beam or pipe
  2. Attach the Reel EZ unit onto the ceiling adapter
  3. Change your signage using the Reel EZ telescopic pole to the desired height using the self leveling stopper

Other Reel EZ adapters available are the cable adapter and swivel adapter. Please see our Reel EZ webpage for more information.

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18", 12"


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