Retractable Queue Belt Barrier System

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Key Features:

  • Each product comes with one black or one (polished or satin) stainless steel pole (depending on your selection), one coloured, chevron or message belt (depending on your selection) and one wall receiver clip.
  • Retractable Queue Belt Barrier is available in black, polished stainless steel or satin stainless steel pole colour
  • Ideal for a range of areas i.e. airports, schools, elevators, etc
  • Belt sizes available in 3.4m & 3.9m
  • Various types of belts available to suit your business needs


Retractable Queue Belt Barrier System

What is the Retractable Queue Belt Barrier System?

When it comes to efficient crowd control and event organization, our Retractable Queue Belt Barrier System is the perfect solution. Designed with a keen eye on quality, durability, and functionality, this barrier system ensures that your space remains organized, safe, and visually appealing. It is a new belt barrier system. The product is free-standing and contains the vital safety features of a brake lock and a slow, retract braking system.

Where can you use it?

Our Retractable Queue Belt Barrier System is ideal for areas you want to restrict. The belt barrier system is effective in a wide range of areas, such as schools, hospitals and factories. It is ideal for forming queues to control busy areas or when needing to prevent people from entering closed areas. From reducing chaos in high-traffic areas to enhancing brand visibility, this system is a versatile tool that can benefit a wide range of businesses and events. Invest in a reliable and attractive crowd control solution today to ensure a smooth and efficient operation. The locking mechanism on these barriers keeps the belts securely in place, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring safety in your designated areas. When not in use, the retractable belts can be quickly and compactly stored, saving you space and making them easy to transport.

What options are available?

We provide two belt sizes for this product, the 3.4M and the 3.9M. The pole colour is available in black, polished stainless steel or satin stainless steel. Depending on your requirements, we also have a wide range of belt colour variations. You have the choice of a single colour or multi colour belt. Also, we have belts that display health and safety messages, keeping people safe from potential risks. You will receive one pole, one belt and one wall receiver clip altogether.

Extra Information

If you are looking for an alternative belt barrier system, check out our range of barrier systems
Other mounting and belt options are available, as well as twin and triple rope belt barrier systems, please enquire.

Additional information

Belt Length

3.4m, 3.9m

Casing Colour

Polished Stainless Steel, Statin Stainless Steel, Casing Black

Belt Colour

Black, Red, Yellow, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Light Green, Dark green, Grey, Orange, Yellow/Black Chevron, Red/White Chevron, Red/Black Chevron, Orange/Black Chevron, Blue/White Chevron, Message(Yellow)_Caution Wet Floor, Message(Yellow)_Cleaning In Progress, Message(Yellow)_Out of Service, Message(Yellow)_Authorised Access Only, Message(Yellow)_Caution Do Not Enter, Message(Red)_No Entry, Message(Red)_No Parking, Message(Red)_Authorised Access Only, Message(Red)_Fire Exit Only, Message(Black)_Please Wait Here

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