Replacement Toggle Fixing

£2.99 ex. Vat

Key Features:

  • Easily movable on the track
  • A toggle is necessary for securing your cable or rod window display
  • Use toggle at top and bottom of fixings
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble
  • Adaptive feature to work with our tracks and cable kits as a retro fit at store level
  • Creates an attractive and clean window display unit when used with our tracks and acrylic shelf’s


Replacement Toggle Fixing

Our Replacement Toggle Fixing is ideal to use with our Floor to Ceiling Cable Kit. The floor to ceiling cable kit with toggle fixing is ideal use with the Cable Track for a floating look. These cable kit allow the customer to push and move their cables along the top and bottom of the tracks.

The toggle part is designed for the cable system to be easily movable on the cable track system. This is so your display is a non-permanent and flexible to meet the business requirements.

Replacement toggle fixing is easy to install and maintain. The kit is ideal where a permanent or changeable fixture is a requirement.

Replacement toggle fixing offer a more flexible floating display. Where a situation arises to move the symmetrical promotion, this new system of cables and tracks allows you to shift the whole display without having to drill new holes in the ceiling or floor. The unique design of push and move allows the user to switch displays with ease by moving the cables along the track. Many retailers have used the systems as a temporary shelving unit with acrylic shelves or to create a high impact visual display for windows.

An aluminium toggle is designed to be fitted at the top and bottom of the channel fixings on our cable or rod window display kit. A toggle is necessary for securing your display.

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