Folder Menu Board Dispensers

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Folder Menu Board Dispensers

The Folder Menu board Dispensers are ideal where space is limited. Therefore, this product becomes highly efficient and effective in crowed areas. Its stylish look makes this an effective tool for most businesses.

The display stand leg can add an extra transparent dispenser to maximise the use of the stand. The menu stand is easy to use for anyone and is free-standing. The clear shelf feature of the folder menu board dispenser makes the design easy to operate.

A stylish and attractive menu board with the facility to add extra accessories to the leg increase the footfall for your business. Due to the channelled elips profile on the front of the stand, any acrylic or steel shelf can be added as optional extras. You can also add this product as an extra accessory. The extra accessories for the dispenser can be added either in an angled position or a front position.

The folder menu board dispensers are ideal for restaurants and showrooms. It is suitable also for any retailers that use catalogues to display their products. This is because the display stand has a transparent acrylic shelf. This shelf with a ring binder holds 2 x A4 pages.

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Angled, Front

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