Cork Pin Noticeboard

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Key Features:

  • Cork backing, suitable for all types of pins
  • Various sizes available
  • Quick and easy poster/information change
  • Ideal for fast-moving retail and office environments


Cork Pin NoticeboardAlumi-signs

What is it?

This is one of our newest and high-quality products. It is a display board with a natural cork background and a silver, aluminium frame. This board is particularly ideal for displaying messages and promoting informational sheets, its cork backing allows materials like card, paper, and other laminated pieces to be pinned.

Where is the Cork Pin Noticeboard suitable?

The cork pin board is the perfect addition to your office, school, exhibition, or conference. The board’s corked backing means you can easily attach and remove your notices or posters with pins. Because of its material, and therefore easy accessibility, it is also practical for everyday information use and a more environmentally conscious option than other boards.

Our board’s easy accessibility also makes it an ideal product for fast-moving retail and office environments. The cork background makes a quick and easy change in posters and notices. They are great for critical information and messages for high-traffic areas. They are also great for personal use in your kitchen and home office and are a stress-free and less messy option.

Available options for the Cork Pin Noticeboard?

We provide various different sizes for this noticeboard, and it can be wall-mounted to either portrait or landscape orientation using the fixing holes to suit your space and display needs.

Additional information?

For other options, you can visit our Poster Cases & Noticeboards page to view the range of boards we have to offer.

Please reach out to us for further information if needed.

Additional information


100cm X 180cm, 120cm X 150cm, 120cm X 180cm, 120cm X 240cm, 45cm X 60cm, 60cm X 90cm, 70.5cm X 110cm, 90cm X 120cm, 90cm X 150cm


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