Wall to Wall Poster Cable Kit

Wall to Wall Poster Cable Kit


Key Features:

  • Display posters without drilling holes in the poster panel
  • Stylish and professional display kit
  • Ideal for most business


Our wall to wall poster cable kit is a cable kit that allows you to display posters from the wall without having to drill the poster panels. The cable kit comes with all the equipment needed for this display and a choice of the size of the poster holder you want. The cable is connected into the wall with the adjustable wall bracket from top to bottom, which will have to be mounted into the wall. Also, with each ‘Easy Access Poster Holder’ you get 4 single 4mm cable system grips. With this kit you also get the choice of what sizes you want your poster holder. Therefore, this display kit is stylish and professional, and ideal for most business and its uses.

These kits are pre-configured with the wall to wall poster cable kits with the wall brackets which can be screwed into the wall. Included in the kits are the relevant acrylic pockets and grippers for cable to pockets.

The different variations are:

3 x A4 Landscape     3 x A4 Portrait

2 x A3 Landscape      2 x A3 Portrait

1 x A2 Landscape      1 x A2 Portrait

1 x A1 Landscape     1 x A1 Landscape

Key Features:

Additional information


Portrait (P), Landscape (L)

Paper size

A4 x 3, A3 x 2, A2 x 1, A1 x 1


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