Magnetic Ceiling Button

£43.39 ex. Vat

Sold in Packs of 100

  • Light weight load-bearing 1kg no more by 16mm diameter
  • Ideal for metal ceiling with no need for adhesives
  • Ideal for Christmas decoration and light graphics


Magnetic Ceiling Button

Made from a clear plastic exterior these Magnetic Ceiling Button is ideal for small anchor point and will snuggle fit into tight area for hanging your Graphics.

With the discreet design, it does not distract from your displays.  This magnetic ceiling button is the ideal attractive addition to your ceiling for suspending posters or graphics. The round magnetic ceiling button is a cost-effective way to suspend your graphics or posters from your ceiling.

It is best to use the ceiling buttons on a clean surface and make sure the conditions of the surface are strong. This will then make sure you get the full strength of the product. Please ensure you test your display in advance to check the product is strong enough for your needs. The use of the buttons is to suspend posters or graphics from your ceiling while saving valuable floor space.

The clips can be used with our various hanging double-ended hooks and are ideal for multi-store roll-outs in a cost-effective way. An ideal solution for hanging your POS posters, signs, etc in your retail shops, offices, showrooms, and workspaces. The ceiling button is discreet and cannot be easily seen, ensuring your POS is visible.

These buttons are sold in packs of 100 and they also attach to most flat surfaces.

We have a range of ceiling fixtures that may suit your business.

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20mm, 50mm

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Pack 100


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