Ticket Holder

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Ticket Holder

Ticket Holders are largely used to display present prices, product names, and information, making your store more accessible. Customers will be more encouraged to browse and shop where information is readily available. The standard height for the ticket holders is 40mm and the width is available in various sizes of 45mm, 53mm, 70mm, 80mm, 90mm and 100mm. We also do stock other sizes of the ticket holder, so please call with your requirements.

Every sized ticket holder we offer is compatible to clip onto the round wire 4 – 7 mm diameter, and to use on the slatwall hooks with overhead arms. It also takes price labels 40mm high.

The ticket holder can easily be slotted onto clean slatwall panels, for a repositionable sign. We have a range of Slatwall Hooks that may be of interest to you.

This product is a perfect way to display prices or barcodes above the end of the merchandising hook. Used with a flip-up label holder, displaying your prices or offers at the front of your merchandising display will make the product easy to navigate for your customer.

The label holder at the end of your euro hook makes it easy to add new price labels whenever required. Simply by sliding the ticket in and out of the label holder. The display stand has a clean and professional look.

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28mm x 42mm, 28mm x 45mm, 28mm x 65mm


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