WallPro 450 Queue Belt Barrier System

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Key Features:

  • WallPro 450 available in black, yellow, white, red, orange or silver housing colour
  • Ideal for long span areas i.e. loading bays, etc
  • Belt sizes available in 6.1m, 7.6m & 9.1m
  • Various types of belts available to suit your business needs
SKU: WP450


WallPro 450 Queue Belt Barrier System

What is the WallPro 450? 

The WallPro 450 Barrier Systems is one of our largest belt barrier systems. It is wall-mounted, so it is discrete and still stylish. There is less hassle with not having a pole in the way. Unlike traditional belt barrier systems which take up more room and are commercial. This wall-mounted belt barrier system is more stylish and discrete. 

Where can you use it?

Our WallPro 450 is ideal for large areas you want to control and restrict. It is effective in areas you need to restrict from the public. Also, they are great when you need to control potentially dangerous areas. So you don’t need to worry about people going into closed areas. This belt barrier system looks smarter and is now more accessible for other businesses because it is wall-mounted.

What options are available?

We provide three belt sizes for the WallPro 450, the 6.1M, 7.6M and 9.1M. The chasing colour options are black, yellow, white, red, orange, and grey. We also have a wide range of belt colour variations depending on your requirements. You have the choice of a single colour or multi colour belt. Also, we have belts that display health and safety messages, keeping people safe from potential risks.

Extra Information

If you are looking for an alternative belt barrier system, check out our WallPro 300 or the WallPro 400.
Other mounting and belt options are available, please enquire.

Additional information

Belt Length

6.1m (WallPro450), 7.6m (WallPro450), 9.1m (WallPro450)

Casing Colour

Casing Black, Casing Yellow, Casing White, Casing Red, Casing Orange, Casing Silver

Belt Colour

Black, Red, Yellow, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Light Green, Dark green, Brown, Grey, Orange, Yellow/Black Chevron, Red/White Chevron, Red/Black Chevron, Orange/Black Chevron, Blue/White Chevron, Message(Yellow)_Caution Wet Floor, Message(Yellow)_Cleaning In Progress, Message(Yellow)_Out of Service, Message(Yellow)_Authorised Access Only, Message(Yellow)_Caution Do Not Enter, Message(Red)_No Entry, Message(Red)_No Parking, Message(Red)_Authorised Access Only, Message(Red)_Fire Exit Only, Message(Black)_Please Wait Here


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