Adhesive Hanging Button

Adhesive Hanging Button


Sold in Packs of 100



Designed to be used with double ended wire hooks or nylon wire, the hanging hooks is a simple and cost- effective way to suspend banners, graphics or posters from your ceiling. The adhesive foam base mounts directly onto the ceilings of any type to form an anchor point. The adhesive hanging hooks are designed to be used where anchor points for display or promote or limited or no existent.

Load bearings of this product is dependent on varies factor including the condition of the surface being mounted on to, or how the product will be paired with and where it is placed. If placing heavier products, please call for specification and alternate options.

Key Features:

  • Sold in packs of 100
  • Attach to most flat surface
  • Cost effective and easy to use graphic display mounts
  • Popular with large promotion roll outs for multi store retailers

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Pack 100


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