Large Suction Cup with Locking Hook

£9.10 ex. Vat

Key Features:

  • Sold in packs of 5, clear plastic version
  • Able to hang heavy objects from windows or glass surfaces
  • Easy to remove the suction cup without any marks/traces of sticky material
  • A more secure way of hanging items due to the strong lever hook


Large Suction Cup with Locking Hook

Large Suction Cup with Locking Hook is one of our hook suckers which are designed for heavier objects to hang from windows or glass surfaces. Ideal for hanging bottles, towels from the bathroom, kitchen or utility room. The handy locking hook will stick to any clean, smooth tiled surface. No need for adhesive or blu-tak or even nails. Always ensure you clean the surface first before attaching the suction cup.

Simply press the suction cup firmly in place, pull down the lever hook and the suction cup lock firmly into position. This version of the hook is extremely popular. Not only for graphics and posters but can also be used for merchandising of products to obtain a competitive display for your product placement.

The locking hook is easy to use and ensures there is no damage to the wall. Easy to remove without traces of sticking and they are durable with a strong load-bearing. Making it suitable for home items.

They are sold in packs of 5.

The locking suction cup is made from clear plastic with a 45mm diameter. The suction cups are also referred to as window suckers or hook suckers.

We also manufacture the large suction cup with a locking hook in size 70mm in white. However, these are made to order, and minimum quantity applies.

Also, we have a range of suction cups to offer. Please refer to our webpage for further information.

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