Adjustable Cable Kits

£6.45 ex. Vat

Key Features:

  • Large load-bearing for hanging more than just graphics
  • Flexibility for allowing height adjustment with locking grippers
  • Built-in spring mechanism allows release and lock of cable by push of a button
  • Ideal for fast height adjustment where graphic sizes always change
  • Upscale and attractive sign hanging which looks modern in any surroundings


Adjustable Cable Kits

Our adjustable cable kit is also known as a sign hanging kit. It allows for flexibility for height adjustment with the locking grippers. Also, the gripper siders have a built-in spring mechanism to allow the release and lock of the cable. To do this, you therefore simply push the button located at the top of the gripper.

The hanging kit is available in size of  1.5m long. The kits comprise of 2 x galvanised steel wire with a fixed loop on one end. 2 x adjustable slide toggle with zinc alloy hook end on the other end.

The adjustable cable kit with a pre-formed loop at one end offers the facility to pass the cable over a beam. It then doubles the tailback through the loop to secure the top end.

Safety hook is threaded onto the trailing end of the cable and height is adjusted with an automatic gripper mechanism incorporated into the hook.

The release button allows the hook to slide up and down the cable to achieve the correct height level. Without adjusted the height of the suspended hook, a variety of display signs can be hung. Therefore, this makes the poster change easy.

Please refer to our webpage for alternative cable system accessories.

Additional information

Length (mm)

1.5m, 2m


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