Cable Grips


Cable Grips


Key Features:

  • Stylish and modern grips available in single or double sided
  • Flexible unit available in vertical or horizontal
  • Offers a floating shelving unit by combining the cables and acrylic shelve


Cable Grip Vertical

Our cable grip has the option of coming in single or double and they are part of the cable system to hold acrylic poster panels tightly and secure. Double sided grips are unique in offering a continual promotional run. The single and double grippers are only available in silver and in two sizes, 1-4mm and 3-7mm. The panels are bought separately. The 4mm and 7mm diameter is the gap between the panel and the grip.

Single – Stylish and modern, small stature is great while keeping panels together but does not take away any focus and attentions from your display.

Double – It has the same features as the single with added benefit of holding thicker panels and in multiple runs at same time.

Cable Grip Horizontal

The Cable Grip Horizontal has the option of coming in single or double. It is used with the floor to ceiling cable kit. The grips are ideal as they grip onto the shelves and leaflet dispenser. These units are flexible to offer a floating shelving unit by combining with the cables and acrylic shelf’s

Single – One sided holding panel to grip that holds onto shelves in a single display unit

Double –   Two-sided holding panel grip that holds onto the shelves on a continual run display unit

Key Features:

  • Use with Floor to Ceiling Cable Kit, grips onto Poster Holders and Leaflet Dispensers

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Single Sided, Double Sided


Horizontal, Vertical


4mm, 7mm


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