Illuminated Lockable Poster Case

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Key Features:

  • This lockable poster case has a 1.5mm polycarbonate glazing panel, to ensure it keeps your posters safe from being spoiled and acts as a protection from harsh weather conditions.
  • It is also weather resistant which makes it suitable as an outdoor lockable poster case.
  • The poster case has a lock and key which is provided. This ensures that your poster display is only accessible by you.
  • Additionally, the poster frame is wall mounted. It can be either portrait or landscape and has a 45mm aluminium frame.


Illuminated Lockable Poster Case

What is the Illuminated Lockable Poster Case? 

Our LED Lockable Poster Case is a cost-friendly and secure way to display your posters. This lockable poster case comes with a lock and key mechanism, which keeps your posters and graphics secure from any potential damage. This lockable poster frame is great for all professional environments, as well as versatile for both indoor and outdoor use. The LED illumination allows your restaurant or retail store to stand out amongst competitors and grab customer’s attention with the bright lighting.

Where can this product be used? 

The illuminated lockable poster case is perfect for many professional environments. Such as pubs, cafes, and restaurants for displaying their menus or any important messages. These poster cases are also great for retail stores to use as an advertising and marketing tool, to increase footfall. As well as this, these frames are ideal for professional environments such as schools, universities, and hospitals, for displaying work, certificates, and important messages.

What options are available?

The poster case is available in the standard colour of silver, with the various sizes of A4, A3, A2 and A4 x 2. If you would like other colours, such as red, white, grey, green, pine, oak and blue, check out our standard lockable poster cases.

Additional information 

The illuminated lockable poster case comes fully assembled with all fixings at no extra cost.

Other RAL colours and sizes are available with a lead time of only 5-7 working days. Please enquire.

For other options, you can check out our lockable poster case and our premium lockable poster case.

Additional information



Paper size

A4, A3, A2, A4 x 2


Portrait (P), Landscape (L)


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