Mesh Wire Shopping Basket

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Sold in Packs of 100


Our standard coloured handle is blue, however we may have other colours (e.g. red or black) in stock, so please enquire for a different colour.



Mesh Wire Shopping Basket

Our high quality mesh wire shopping baskets are ideal for all types of retailers. Hard wearing, rust resistant zinc plated baskets made with plastic colour covered handles to suit your business. These hand held carrying baskets are very popular and are stackable, which in turn maximises the free space in the store. Additionally, the baskets are usually placed near the entrance of the store to allow customers to securely carry their purchases during their store visit.

The wire mesh baskets are suitable for supermarkets, high street retailers, independent stores, convenience shops and much more. In addition, they are lightweight and durable, especially with heavy loads and sold in packs of 100. Furthermore, each mesh wire shopping basket has twin colour handles that can be easily noticed and fold flat when stacking. The sizes that we offer are 19L and 23L with handle colours of light grey, blue, black and many more.

For more environmentally friendly plastic trolleys and baskets, please visit our website. These baskets and trolleys are available in a variety of sizes, colours and shapes suitable for every type of retail store. We also offer wire shopping trolleys for larger retailers.

Key Features:

  • Wire mesh baskets suitable for all types of retailers
  • Sold in packs of 100
  • Stackable and lightweight metal baskets
  • Excellent strength baskets
  • Plastic handle grip sleeves
  • Sizes available are 19L and 23L

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19 Litre, 23 Litre


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