Shopfitting Systems


Official distributor of Inovag Ladenbau (GMBH), Signware Systems can offer a range of shelving systems to suit many types of retailers. We do not only produce and market product presentation systems but also offer our customers a comprehensive range of services related to the development of complex shop fitting systems from a single source. From discount shops demanding high functionality to large format hypermarket that need professionally structured sales areas to premium supermarkets that wish to offer their customers that special shopping atmosphere we have the systems that fit perfectly.

Our Pure System

Available with variable pitch systems allowing for perfect visual merchandising with clear structuring of display. Manufactured for universal use which is basic, but, mature, well thought out and built to perfection for several years. The varied component list of the pure systems in terms of sizes, depths and grids, makes the systems a universal popular shelving kit for many types of retailers.


Key Features

  • Basic but durable and easy for installation to suit many retailers
  • Ideal for supermarkets and convenience store sector with range of components to suit
  • Available in standard colours and bespoke to suit
  • Cost effective modular shelving system for the European market

Our Loft System

Most futuristic shelving systems on the market with variable centre and rear panel shelving option for high-quality presentations. This system is popular in the wine and cosmetics sector due to the nature of the systems adaptability. The Loft systems is complemented by Loft Swing and radial shelves and back panels, curved shelving layouts can be realised.


Key Features

  • Creates a dynamic futuristic display unit and offers for LED back panel options
  • Ideal for wine shops and open product placement displays for example in Cosmetic retailers
  • Loft systems offers a dynamic product presentation system which fits many surroundings.
  • Mesh wire parts offer a clean and attractive upscale appearance

Our Vego System

Free-standing shelving systems unit for high load bearing. Ideal and highly functional shelving components for those retailers where heavy load display and product placement is a priority. Vego systems benefits from front columns and back straps to support the extra load bearing.


Key Features

  • Ideal in Beverage, hardware and paint shop industry where products are slightly heavy
  • In line for health and safety product merchandising and displays with a non-industrial look
  • Seats alongside Loft and pure systems surrounding to compliment and offer better loading
  • Integral with pure systems parts ensuring a cost-effective modular shelving unit

Our Solid System

Comprises of shelving and gondola designs with a heavy-duty upper cross beam. This shelving or gondola provides room for pallets for merchandising bulk stocks with the 60 mm grid space. Solid systems can be found in hypermarkets and heavy goods industry where high volume merchandising is necessary but keeping the modern and clean look.


Key Features

  • Ideal for hypermarkets. Wholesalers, superstores and white goods industry
  • Bulk selling made easy with gondola end promotions
  • Offers palletised display and merchandising
  • Easy to install with integral parts with our other systems

Pure shelving system for standard retail environments and with variable brackets and shelves
Magazine Shelving bays featuring multi-angle brackets for front facing products
Compatability of Pure system with Loft system to allow for angles shelving bays
Heavy product placement can be achieved with Vego shelving system. Front column and back straps for extra strength and stability. Mainly found in hardware and beverage industry
Loft system offers options of mesh and LED back paneling for a more dynamic presentation of your goods. Variable components allow for curved bays of shelving.
Gondola end promotions with single end column fixing offered by our Loft system. This is a clean, modern and attractive way to display top line products. Shelves available in wire mesh to compliment.
Flexibility of Pure system allowing for variable back paneling for attractive and practical product presentation.
Heavy duty bulk selling and palletised product display and promotions can be achieved with this Solid system compromising of heavy duty front 60 mm pitch columns for support.

Shopfitting Systems