Brochure Stand Sets

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Key Features:

  • Shelves allow full product information display
  • Rated best showroom brochure display stand with a clean finish to suit most environments
  • Aluminium study frame yet lightweight
  • Comes with easy mounting instruction sheet and fixing set
  • Extra shelves allow high volume literature dispensing (only available for double)


Brochure Stand Set Alumi-signs

What is the Brochure Stand Set? 

The Brochure Stand Set is a free-standing display stand used to hold and display promotional content. Mainly used for brochures, it is also a great marketing tool for you to display other promotional content.

Where can you use the Brochure Stand Set?

This multi-purpose display stand is perfect for a wide range of businesses and professional environments, such as shows, exhibitions, events, shops, and offices. Our single and double-sided stand set is a smart and professional way to display a variety of brochures and leaflets. Also, this will ensure that you make efficient use of your advertising and promotional efforts.

What options are available?

We provide a single-sided option and it is available in the various sizes of 8 x A4, 12 x A4, and 16 x A4. Our double-sided stand is available in sizes of 16 x A4, 24 x A4, and 32 x A4. The extra feature on the double-sided Brochure Stand Set allows you to double your shelves to distribute more content. This helps it reach a wider audience. Also, this stand is only available in silver and it is easy to move with its wheels.

Additional Information

The stand is easy to assemble with the easy mounting instruction sheet and fixing set provided. This frame is sturdy yet lightweight. Also, the extra shelves on the double-sided stand allow you to distribute high volumes of brochures to maximise and enhance your marketing efforts. For all our brochure stands, the wheels must be assembled to the unit which makes it easier to move the stand.

Additionally, if you are looking for other alternatives we have a wide range of other Brochure Stands.

Additional information


Single Sided, Double Sided

Paper size

A4 x 8, A4 x 12, A4 x 16, A4 x 24, A4 x 32


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  • Supplied with an easy mounting instruction sheet and fixing set