RopeMaster Queue Rope Barrier System

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Key Features:

  • Each product comes with one stainless steel or brass pole (depending on your selection) and one velvet rope (colour depending on your selection)
  • Ideal for forming queues and for use in large areas
  • Crown, flat or ball tops available, with belt lengths of 1,8m or 2.4m and three different rope colours
  • The rope has a slide snap end, making it easy to attach and detach from the pole
  • Braided ropes are also available, please enquire


RopeMaster Queue Rope Barrier System

What is the RopeMaster?

The RopeMaster Queue Rope Barrier System is a new rope barrier system. The product is free-standing and contains the vital safety features of a brake lock and a slow, retract braking system. Each product comes with one rope pole and one rope belt. The rope belt has a slide snap end, making it easy to attach the rope to the pole. The rope is made of premium velvet material.

Where can you use it?

Our RopeMaster Queue Rope Barrier System is ideal for areas you want to restrict. The rope barrier system is effective in a wide range of areas, such as schools, hospitals and factories. The RopeMaster is ideal for forming queues to control busy areas or when needing to prevent people from entering closed areas. 

What options are available?

Each rope has a standard 25mm width.  Depending on your requirements, we have a wide range of designs for the RopeMaster. We provide two rope lengths of either 1.8M or 2.4M. The pole colour is available in either polished stainless steel or polished brass. We also provide either a ball top head, a crown top head or a flat top head. Furthermore, we have three rope colour variations of black, red or navy blue.

Extra Information

If you are looking for an alternative belt barrier system, check out our range of barrier systems
We also provide braided rope belts and elegant rope barrier systems. Please enquire for more information about these.
Please note that we can also sell the poles and ropes separately, please enquire.

Additional information

Rope Length

1.8m, 2.4m

Head Design

Crown, Ball, Flat

Casing Colour

Polished Stainless Steel, Polished Brass

Rope Colour

Navy Blue, Red, Black

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Linda Markfield

    Purchased for City Council community hall. Very good quality product and very satisfied!

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