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Ceiling to Sign kit in 3 variations



Ceiling to Sign Kits Alumi-signs

What are the Ceiling to Sign Kits?

Our ceiling to sign kits provides you with a creative display solution. It is modern and effective in making use of the advertising space available to you. You can attach your signs to the cable system so it suspends from the ceiling. It is also important to note that to hold up a sign you will need a minimum of two kits. The bigger the size of your sign the more kits you will need.

Where is this product suitable?

This particular product of ours is ideal for retail and high traffic environments because the cable system is suspended from the ceiling. Which opens the opportunity to use the overhead space. By using our ceiling to sign kit you can hang signs to promote key products, price promotions, and direct customers through to different departments. It is also streamlined for discreet hanging, therefore, making the signs much more eye-catching to the consumer.

Available options for the Ceiling to Sign Kits?

The cable kit is available in silver and the grip on the cable will hold a thickness between 3mm and 7mm. We also provide three variations of the ceiling to sign kits: Fixed Height, Adjustable Height, Twist-On. The cable length for each variation is 2.5m.

Fixed Height

This version allows the cable to connect directly from the ceiling to the panel with screw fixings supplied.

Adjustable Height

This version has the ability to adjust the cable to your desired height. All screw fixings are supplied.


This version is ideal for suspended ceilings and does not require any screw fixings into the ceiling. The cable can also be adjusted to your desired height.

Extra Information

We also offer our Floor to Ceiling Cable Kit and our vertical Cable grips. The floor to ceiling cable kit consists of a ceiling fixing with a 4m cable and tension floor fixing. The ceiling to sign kits is easy to install and attach to the floor and ceiling for a more professional look to any POS display. The vertical cable grips hold acrylic poster panels tightly and securely.

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Fixed Height, Adjustable Height, Twist-on


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