Back Bars (Rear Support)

Sold in packs of 10

Please enquire for pricing

Key Features:

  • Fits most 50mm and 30mm pitch/uprights
  • Can be customised and offered in variable lengths


Back Bars (Rear Support)

The fashion accessories back bars (also known as rear support bars) are available in flat side oval tube. Also in polished chrome finish and fits most uprights or columns. The bars can aid the use of the Drop Arms or hooks to compliment merchandising a row of creative fashion displays. Also, along the sales floor, ensuring a clean product placement in any fashion merchandising environment.

These oval rear support bars are suited to displaying a variety of items, such as hanging mats, clothing and gardening equipment. The arms can often be used for attaching hooks too for small product placements and the hooks simply slot over the top of the bar.

In addition to the Rear Support bars, we also manufacture and supply D Rails, P Shape Fashion Rails, Stepped Arms and Drop Arms. We also have a range of merchandising accessories. Such as Notched Display Arms, Sloping Arms, Four-Way Waterfall Rails and other complementary fashion accessories. Please refer to our webpage for further details.

The item is sold in packs of 10. Please enquire with your pitch or upright slot specification to ensure the correct fitting.

Key Features:

  • Forward-facing Garment displays
  • Standard marketing leading fashion accessory arms
  • Oval flat-sided chrome tube blends in well with any shopfitting system or colours
  • Please enquire with your upright/pitch dimensions to ensure the correct fitting


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