Pillar Leaflet Dispenser

Pillar Leaflet Dispenser


Key Features:

  • Great way to display multiple pieces of literature at the same time
  • Heavy stable base
  • Ideal for promotions and advertising
  • Perfect to use for shows, exhibitions, offices and many more


Introducing the Pillar Leaflet Dispenser to your business is a great way of displaying multiple pieces of literature at the same time. The silver anodised aluminium stand is ideal to display a wide range of leaflets.

The tiered leaflet dispenser is a new selection of literature display with robust aluminium body. It also offers a practical way to display 3 tiers of leaflets on a compact portable floor stand. An easy mounting instruction sheet and fixing set are supplied with the Pillar Leaflet Dispenser.

The heavy stable base is ideal to use in public spaces. The elegant brochure stands are ideal for promotion and advertising custom made catalogues or leaflets in the leaflet dispensing unit. Pillar Leaflet Dispenser is an ideal choice to boost the visibility of literature around any business.  It gives a tidy and professional appearance.

The multi-purpose display stand is perfect for a wide range of uses from shows, exhibitions, events, shops and offices. The aluminium steel frame and the unique look makes it eye-catching to passing trades. The stand is available on two sizes 3 x A4 and 6 x 1/3A4.

We have a range of Leaflet Dispenser and Brochure Stands to offer. Please visit our webpage for further information.

Additional information

Paper size

1/3A4 x 6, A4 x 3


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