Ceiling to Floor Poster Cable Kit


Ceiling to Floor Poster Cable Kit

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Key Features:

  • Quick and easy creation
  • Clean and attractive look for either a Window or mobile display unit
  • Universally suited for all environments


Universally set kits for window or wall displays units for your poster. These kits are pre-configured with the floor to ceiling cable kits to be screwed into the ceiling and floor. Included in the kit is the relevant acrylic pockets and grippers for cable to pockets.

The kits are popular for a quick and easy creation of a clean and attractive looking window or mobile display unit.

Key Features:

  • Standardised window and floor display kit
  • Pre- configured to offer a very cost-effective display units for retailers for all graphics
  • Universally suited for all environments with the clean and attractive upscale appurtenance

Additional information


Portrait (P), Landscape (L)

Paper size

A4 x 3, A3 x 2, A2 x 1, A1 x 1


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