RoPole Heads

£7.95 ex. Vat

Key Features:

  • Compatible with our RoPole
  • Quick, easy and safe to use for hanging various product types
  • Can be used in all metal ceiling types and non-metal
  • When ordering the RoPole heads, please specify at checkout which type of head you would like at checkout


RoPole Heads

RoPole heads are available to buy separately. This is to use with the RoPole 1-up installation tool to use for hanging your POS to grid and metal ceilings. To be used with our clear ceiling anchors and ceiling magnets. The pole is telescopic with intermediate variations in height adjustments and has interchangeable RoPole heads. The pole is ideal to use with the ceiling anchors, whereby a single twist of the telescopic pole, anchors lock onto the ceiling grid.

Key Features

  • Quick, easy and safe to use for hanging various product types
  • Ideal in all metal ceiling types and non-metal

The RoPole heads come in 2 variations…please specify which variation you would like at checkout.

To use the pole with the ceiling anchors, attach the poster, sign holders, hooks and ceiling anchor onto the RoPole head. Then extend the pole to the ceiling lining up the wings of the RoPole head to the ceiling grid. Push up lightly against the grid, twist the RoPole to the right until the anchor locks in place. If using ceiling magnets, the same applies, except instead of a twist, the RoPole head attaches the magnets directly onto the metal ceiling.

Technical Information (about our RoPole)

  • 10ft pole is 73″ in length
  • 14ft telescoping option goes from 67 1/2″ to 119 1/2″
  • 18ft telescoping option goes from 73″ to 174 1/2″

We have a range of other ceiling fixtures that may suit your business to use with the RoPole. In addition, please see our various display hooks to use with this product.

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10ft, 14ft, 18ft


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