Waterbase A Board

£42.82 ex. Vat

Key Features:

  • Each unit is supplied with industrial salt to prevent freezing in winter conditions
  • Suitable for busy pavement roads, parking area, playgrounds etc


Waterbase A Board

The Waterbase A board is made using high quality, durable polyethylene construction. The double-sided fame is attractive and folds flat for efficient storage wherever you go. You can feature a full vinyl graphic on either side of the sign. The Waterbase A board is a water or sand fillable pavement sign suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

The durable construction has optimum stability and holds a maximum of 5 litres of water. The stable, heavy and endurable pavement sign is suitable to use indoors or outdoors in several different locations, such as setting aside on parking areas, playgrounds, shop entrances, by the roadside, busy pavement roads and many more. It is extremely great to use in windy areas.

These water fillable A Board helps promotes safety signs. The A Board is lightweight when it is empty. Therefore it helps in easy movement and storage.

Each of our units has a plastic stopper to pour either water or sand to make the stand heavier. Industrial salt is also supplied to prevent the unit from freezing in winter conditions. The A-board is unassembled but is very easy to assemble with the instruction sheet provided.

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  • Each base is supplied with industrial salt to prevent freezing in winter conditions