Rotating Slatwall Shoe Display

£36.40 ex. Vat

Sold in packs of 10



Rotating Slatwall Shoe Display

Our Rotating Slatwall Display rotates in two directions and on a panel. It permits shoes to be displayed in more than one position and to provide views from the front or sides. Also, it allows the retailer to display its range in full glory and ideal in all shoe shops and retail outlets. The shoe display can be viewed from any angle or direction and simply inserts into the slatwall in seconds.

The rotating slatwall shoe display is manufactured from high impact acrylic so it can be used again and again to create an effective retail display. It is made from injected moulded clear styrene and used for various types of shoes including trainers. The rotating acrylic shoe displays are sold in packs of 10. The acrylic will not turn yellow in any exposure to sunlight and a better material than plastic.

Key Features:

  • Clear transparent acrylic rotating slatwall shoe display
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Sold in packs of 10
  • Does not affect the look of the shoe
  • Used for displaying various types of shoes

This is just one of the many shoe display accessories on offer. Other accessories are available for various shoe displays such as the shoe bridgesheel support and sandal filler.

Please visit our Shoe Accessories page for further details.




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