Mesh Wire Shopping Trolley

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Mesh Wire Shopping Trolley

High-quality mesh wire shopping trolleys for all types of retailers even those where store aisles are tight. Hard-wearing zinc plated trolleys made with plastic colour covered handles to suit your business. This supermarket trolley is very popular and easily nests together for compact storage inside or outside the store. Additionally, the trolleys are usually placed near the entrance of the store for customers to securely place their purchases during their store visit. Also, the supermarket shopping trolleys are easy to manoeuvre and help reduce the tension from carrying a basket.

Our wire shopping trolleys are suitable for supermarkets, high street retailers, small markets, mini markets and much more. In addition, they are solid, long-lasting and easy to handle. Also, the trolleys have a high-quality guarantee according to European Standards. Furthermore, the trolleys have handles that can be logo branded for a more corporate identity. Available in various weight configurations and different coloured plastic handles. Every wire shopping trolley has standard 4 wheels and a rear hook to hang bags. Other accessories that can also be added are a chain and lock system for an additional cost.

For more environmentally friendly plastic trolleys and baskets, please visit our website. These baskets and trolleys are available in a variety of sizes, colours and shapes suitable for every type of retail store. We also offer wire shopping baskets for smaller retailers.

Key Features

  • Wire shopping trolleys suitable for all types of retailers
  • Child seat option is also available
  • Solid, long-lasting metal trolleys
  • Various colour handle bars
  • Various configuration sizes are available
  • Logos can be printed on the handle bars for an additional cost

Please enquire for more information and prices on the various configurations available.




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