Flooring Solutions


For your commercial, industrial, or residential space get our flooring solutions today. The patent interlocking tiles offer the best industrial and retail flooring solutions on the market. For instance, boasting outstanding lifetime value to leading retail brands and residential garage floors in over 20 countries worldwide. We offer the finest quality and durable interlocking solutions for all your floors.

Manufactured interlocking design tiles deal with varied applications including foot traffic, wheeled traffic, and heavy forklift traffic. All floor tiles offer good thermal and acoustic insulation in addition to excellent anti-slip and impact properties.


The Floor Design Collection is a patented new generation of robust, hidden interlock, loose-lay LVT.

The Design Collection is available 8mm and in a modern design with unique colour. These match moulding grout edging and provides ceramic aesthetics and vinyl performance. They are built with anti-fatigue properties which is one of the most popular floor tiles for retailers.


The Chequered Plate floor tile is interlocking and has all the same characteristics as our standard textured dovetail tile except it benefits from an interlocking system with matching keyways.

When installed renders the interlocking join virtually invisible resulting in an almost seamless floor.


Similar characteristics to the design tile, this flooring has a hidden bevelled edge and offers a more traditional vinyl tile appearance.

Users range from light foot commercial to high industrial wheeled traffic and are available in 5mm, 7mm, and 9mm.


This original version of the floor tiling options is still popular with heavy foot traffic areas. It is similar to the floor tile textured floor and manufactured in 5mm and 7mm for light and heavy commercial usage.


This is our most popular and successful industrial interlocking textured floor tile. The unique and more robust superior dovetail interlocking join is almost invisible when installed and because of this, it offers a better flooring solution than epoxy/resin.

Available in 5mm for light commercial use and 7mm-9mm for heavy industrial warehousing use.


Slate interlocking floor tile has been developed to satisfy the requirements of commercial, residential, and domestic applications and is suitable for foot traffic only.

The unique Slate surface finish with a hidden join and bevelled interlock has the appearance of traditional ceramic tiles and the benefits of a vinyl product.


The R-Tile range of interlocking floor tiles can also be supplied with edge and corner trims to create a mat area or provide easy and safe access for foot and wheel traffic.