Special Projects

Signware Systems range of experience and network of partners within Europe and Asia enables us to tailor make, source and delivery special projects to customer’s requirements. Starting from an idea to troubleshooting leading to prototype and manufacturing and final roll out and delivery of multi store fit outs, the Signware team will enable you to realise the concept.

We will tailor make and produce to the unique requirements of each customer by considering all variables from time constraints, cost implications to environment concerns. Supported by our experienced in-house procurement team and partners in design and manufacturing, we will work closely with you through the life cycle of the project to delivery. We pride ourselves on each project to deliver the customers vision with long term durability and cost-effective benefits

Our specialist team of manufacturing and procurement includes:

  • Metal work fabrication
  • Timber solutions and manufacturing
  • Plastic and acrylic fabrication
  • Merchandising and system solutions

Signware Systems will develop your business ideas by forming a true partnership with its clients to establish a shared vision of the result and strive to fulfill that vision.

Various Special Projects

Some of the various projects that Signware Systems has worked on with their customers and partners.

These vary from

  • Bespoke Trolleys
  • Merchandising Display
  • In-house Design
  • Design to Completion

Rattan Shopping Trolley
Brief: (Week 1)
Design and delivery a shopping trolley for home and fashion store chain with aesthetically attractive features and properties for a specific store chain to include certification of health and safety to UK Standards

Process and Timescales
Stage 1 (week 2-3)
Outsourced and designed and tooled in the Far East due to visibility of costs and rattan materials and rattan weaving requires non mechanical process:

Manufactured Rattan to customer specification and colour to match. Factory visit to ensure all specification and durability and practically issues were met as per brief

Stage 2 (week 4)
Produced initially prototype for customer appraisal within two weeks of the brief and sent to the UK
Stage 3: Minor Changes per customer requirement and new prototype produced within a week

Stage 3 (week 5)
Full production visit with client in The Far East to sign off and advise of health and safety specification testing

Stage 4 (week 8)
Completion of production and testing for health and safety certification to UK Standards and quality checks

Stage 5 (week 9-13)
Shipping to delivery of product and multi store roll out to Project Success

Replenishment Trolley

Stage 1 (week 1-2)
Brief : To manufacture and source merchandising trollies to be in antithetically in a soft finish for transporting and merchandising of home furnishings items with a modern, attractive and upscale appearance Home Furnishing retailer in the UK

Technical Specification: To meet all health and safety requirements with built in durability within a budget and specific timescale

Stage 2 (week 3-4)
Solution: Designed and manufactured in our in-house UK production plant to specifications as per brief, due to time scales, material availability and stringent specification requirements by client

Stage 3 (week 5-6)
Prototyped and tested for all variables to ensure quality and technical requirements are met and conducted all health and safety certification for UK standards.

Client was informed of progress to design and technical changes throughout the process

Stage 4 (week 7-6)
New enhanced prototypes produced for appraisal with client required changes

Stage 5 (week 8)
After initial trial of prototypes in store environment, the design was signed off for full production run

Stage 6 (Week 9-11)
Completed full production run and delivered for full store roll out in 3 weeks

Project success as delivered on time and within the budget to all stores and product still being used and new orders after 5 years,

Flooring and Surface Solution

To source or manufacture surface flooring for a budget store chain to eliminate the following issues

  • Down time with floor screeding
  • Vinyl laying and gluing was time consuming resulting in late store launch
  • Traditional methods costly and not modern
  • Damage to flooring a reoccurring feature and expensive to maintain
  • Some stores had Asbestos properties and was expensive and time consuming

Client needed a solution less expensive, easy to lay and repair with quick down time and avoid any issues of lifting old asbestos flooring
Ability to use our partners within our network chain of manufacturers and designers, we sourced a modern tile product which eliminates the need for above and offered the following:

    • Initial preparation of floors eg Screeding, removal of old surface not required (Survey required)
    • Easy to lay offering less than 50% downtime saving in labour time and costs for the client.
    • Can be fitted on top of excising flooring and asbestos properties.
    • Manufactured with built in anti-fatigue and anti-slip properties
    • Easy to maintain, clean and replace damaged tiles
    • Modern attractive and choice of colours with hidden grout joins

    Following a first store trial which saved the client a 36% saving to traditional flooring solutions the store was opened two weeks earlier allowing for quicker trading period to recover capital costs.

    Project success
    All new stores now using the new flooring and client is now opening stores on quick turnaround with savings.