Suction Cup with Hook

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Key Features:

  • Sold in packs of 100
  • Window suckers suitable for most glass surface
  • Uses PVC Plastic and a Metal Hook
  • No need for blue-tack, adhesive tape, or fixing holes


Suction Cup with Hook

The Suction Cup with Hook, also known as window suckers or hook suckers, is a clever product because there is no need to use blue-tack or adhesive tape on most glass surfaces. Using the same functions as a normal hook its purpose is mainly being used on a window. It also gives more options to how you may choose to display an item or any piece of content for that matter.  There is no need to use adhesive tape or fixing holes and because of that, it is easy to use.

Suction cups/hook suckers which are designed with a small hook are a simple way to display POS from windows or walls.

Made from using PVC plastic the suction cup with hook is reusable and so it can be used multiple times. Multi-purpose use for various hanging solutions. Our other suction cups available for different POS materials, see the suction cup with thumb tack, with lock or sign holder for more information.

The Suction cup with hook is available in size 43mm and 63mm. It is also available in packs of 100. So, there is no worry of shortage with the suction cups.

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43mm, 63mm

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Pack 100


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