Modular Stand C

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Modular Stand C Alumi-signs

What is the Modular Stand C?

The Modular Stand C is another display stand that is a variation of our pole and base. It is designed with the thought of maximising your marketing efforts and making use of the promotional space you have on the shop floor. The modern design also, makes the stand stylish and a great addition to your marketing efforts.

Where can you use it?

These stands can be used in a wide range of industries. It is a brochure and leaflet stand, it’s ideal for all businesses that have content they want to display to their consumers. The base is strong and sturdy and because of this, it is great to use in busy, high traffic areas. These are popular for many businesses, but mainly for gyms and travel agents, but also they are great for events and conferences.

Available Options For The Modular Stand C

We only offer this product in silver. It is also a variation already, of the pole and base stand. This stand has 4 x A4 double steel shelves attached to the 2-channel pole and base. Using this product is easy and very little maintenance is required.

Extra Information

There are many available options for this because we have a wide range of Brochure Stands and accessories. If you are looking for alternatives with the Modular Stand Pole and Base you can order various accessories that can be attached to the 2-channel pole and base. This product is adaptable and this gives you more opportunities to make the most of your advertising and promotions. Which makes it a great marketing tool for your business.

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